Frequently Asked Questions

Get it from a trusted store, check purity of coin by carat meter at store. If you buy online at our
store we videocall and show purity by caratmeter and then courier it

it’s good to invest in gold may it be 22k or 24k gold. Incase if 22k gold coins u get from small
quantities starting from 1gram as well as it’s easy to exchange in the future for jewelery.

Yes definitely gold coins are a great investment for savings as well as for wedding purposes. At
OVJ, our customers shopping since 3 generations save mainly for wedding purposes since 10 15
years for their savings.

Yes, check for hallmark or ask the sales person to show 916 hallmark and store seal and then
buy the coins

Incase if small quantities go for coins, if weight is more for example more than 250g at one purchase then u can go for bars.

That’s the plus of having gold anytime u can make it liquid cash. You can contact our store sales person anytime and get details for cashing your coins

916 hall marked coins are always the Best Buy.

if you are planning to buy more than 250g at one stretch purchase then U can opt bars

there is a making charge for coins when you purchase.

you can always come to appraisal counter at OVJ to check at the carat meter. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure it by naked eyes

Store it in the box/ pouch you get when you purchase.

Get the hallmark seal, company seal and 916 or 99.9 purity seal when you purchase bars.
Always go for trusted Jewellers. Don’t check online rates and buy from unauthorized Jewellers
just for rates.

As gold has resale and exchange value throughout the year. It’s a great investment always.

Purchase from authorized dealer to avoid fraudulence.