1. Ready products get delivered within 10 business days across india. If it’s an ordered product it might take 30 days to manufacture and 10 days to deliver across India. If there are any queries or suggestions, users are always welcome to contact customer care (8940340001) in the working hours.
  2. Shipping across India would be free of charge.
  3. For international orders abroad it takes 30+ days to deliver readily available products. For customized orders 40+ days to deliver abroad. Based on each country’s import and customs regulations, the delivery time varies.¬†
  4. In case of delay in customs clearance process, delay in logistics due to flight unavailability at logistics end or any natural calamity, OVJ is not responsible for delivery delays.
  5. All parcels are thoroughly checked by the customs and then cleared for air.
  6. Those who access this website from outside India are responsible for compliance with local laws, if any and to the extent such local laws are applicable.

If the product showcased is

  • Instock : within Tamil Nadu (2 to 5 working days)
  • outside Tamil Nadu (10 working days)
  • Out of stock : within Tamil Nadu (30 working days)
  • outside Tamil Nadu (30+ working days)